Contest Time…

Ok, everyone…it’s contest time!! Who wants to name Book Two? I just can’t come up with it and my brain wants to work on that instead of writing the book 😦 Please don’t get upset if I can’t use your proposed title, but let’s give it a shot. The person who names Book Two (if it’s not ME!) will receive a signed paperback of Book One and Book Two!! Now, here’s the part to consider…this new book is the continuation of the Elizabeth Burke Thriller Series. It’s set (mostly) in NYC. There are gangs, murder, undercover FBI, Lizzie (Junior in college) and her drama clubs friends, and of course, her family at All Tucked Inn…that’s all I should reveal at this point. Do we keep “All” as the first word in the title for continuity? What do you guys think? **By the way, if you’re shy and want to keep your suggestion private, please email me at 
On your mark….get set….goooooooooo!! Get those creative juices flowing! 

Happy Bloggin Ya’ll!


7 responses

  1. Abijit RadhaKrishna | Reply

    My suggestion is that you should choose something like

    Good luck

    abijit 🙂

  2. Going Inn The City? All Inn?

    1. All Inn is intriguing! I’m going to have to put all these in a hat. Just can’t choose they’re all so good, but definitely at the top of the possibilities 🙂

      1. Can’t wait to see what you finally pick out!

  3. How about “All Fouled Up-Situation Normal ” (SNAFU inside out) or “All’s Well That Ends” or “All Night Wrong” or “All In Good Time”. Loved your 1st book!!

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