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The day after…

Woohooo we made it! Congrats 🙂


Fellow Americans…

And anyone else who participates in tomorrow’s holiday –


The contest to win an autographed copy of ALL TUCKED INN ends tonight. Go to to sign up!! Good Luck!!

Contest Time…

Ok, everyone…it’s contest time!! Who wants to name Book Two? I just can’t come up with it and my brain wants to work on that instead of writing the book 😦 Please don’t get upset if I can’t use your proposed title, but let’s give it a shot. The person who names Book Two (if it’s not ME!) will receive a signed paperback of Book One and Book Two!! Now, here’s the part to consider…this new book is the continuation of the Elizabeth Burke Thriller Series. It’s set (mostly) in NYC. There are gangs, murder, undercover FBI, Lizzie (Junior in college) and her drama clubs friends, and of course, her family at All Tucked Inn…that’s all I should reveal at this point. Do we keep “All” as the first word in the title for continuity? What do you guys think? **By the way, if you’re shy and want to keep your suggestion private, please email me at 
On your mark….get set….goooooooooo!! Get those creative juices flowing! 

Happy Bloggin Ya’ll!

Dad Jokes…

And we can’t forget the classic…Dad, I’m thirsty. Hi, thirsty, I’m Friday, come over Saturday and we’ll have a Sunday. 🙂 

I love each and every Dad joke out there, but only because my Dad has said them all and more. Share your Dad Jokes…let’s start a support group. 

Watch the parody here. Great job kids!!
Happy Bloggin’ Ya’ll!!

Calling all Reviewers!!

Are you a reader who then promptly posts reviews? Would you like a free copy of a thriller suspense novel?? And if enjoyed, you raise your right hand and promise to leave a review on Goodreads (and/or Amazon if it’ll let you?)…

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Now, those willing, please email me at and provide your email address. I’ll promptly send you a PDF of the book. That’s it! Easy peasey, my friends.

Just cover
Oh, and Happy Bloggin’ Ya’ll.

Happy September!!

Yes, while September means different things to different people, I think most of us are happy to see it arrive. To some people, it’s the last month of the government fiscal year, which means a ton of work to close the books. To others, it means relief from the brutal summer sun and the welcoming of colorful leaves and cooler temperatures.

And yeah, yeah…all that is good…But to me??  Bring on the FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the teams represented in my family:

Auburn Football Carolina Miami UNC football


Monday Funnies…about Writers

Happy Bloggin’ ya’ll!!!

Kindle Publishing…Agent Please!

I’ve learned a whole lot about publishing online in the last couple of weeks. And although Amazon really does make it as easy as possible, it’s still not a simple process. But….and drumroll please…after 24 hours on Kindle’s select program, where it has been promotionally touted as FREE, there’s been…
123 copies downloaded!!  Go kindle…go kindle!

I am tickled with that number and just pray 20 of them leave raving reviews. With that, 2 more days of free downloads, and hopefully the sales rolling in afterwards…maybe, just maybe, I can get an AGENT and not have to do all this for book #02. I’m too exhausted to write. Lol.

Happy Bloggin ya’ll!!

Man, I hate stupid…

Why can’t people take ownership? If you go to one of the Lambert’s Restaurants, whose tag line by they way is “Home of the THROWED ROLLS”, you are acknowledging a certain amount of risk. It’s understood!! But nooooo, just like the McDonald’s “my coffee is too hot” lawsuit, there’s another idiot out there ready to ruin the fun for others…

The deets…aka news story…click here. But seriously, I’ve been to one of their restaurants several times. If you don’t enjoy the rolls zooming past your head, and can’t quite master the art of ducking…you just shouldn’t go. IT’S WHAT THEY DOOOO!!!!

I predict in the year 2065, everyone will be walking around in bubble suits…with helmets. 
But Happy Bloggin ya’ll!!

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