SOLDIER DEFINED, A MEMORIAM FOR THOSE WHO SACRIFICED ALL (working title).  I am currently working on a couple of coffee table books and need your help!    Have you lost an active duty friend or family member in the war against terrorists?  Every day during the war I’d pick up the paper and see a running number of the fallen soldiers with a short blurb for the recently killed service member that listed the soldier’s name, rank, age, and hometown.   

THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!  I’d like to create a beautiful book that will tell more about the person who sacrificed every single thing they had and every single thing they were to fight for the USA. These people died in an attempt to make my life, your lives, the lives of our children and grandchildren, better.  The least we can do is show our gratitude and respect by defining their memories and making sure they are not remembered as just a number, but as the true heroes they were.

Please send me a picture of your loved one in official military dress, another picture in full civilian attire (can be from before they joined the military), and a paragraph describing their lives or the information you’d like them to be remembered by along with their full name, date of birth, and date of death. 

 Here’s an example of how the page will look…(not to scale)


Joseph W. Kaola

12 July 1930 – 15 March 2030

Joseph, known to his family as Papa Joe, lived a long and full life.  He joined the military right after high school and provided twenty selfless years to the United States Army.  Papa Joe met and fell madly in love with Mobley Roo, or Mama Moe, in 1950 and they were married in 1952. The 50’s were a busy decade for the Kaola’s as they expanded their family by 3 children and 2 dogs.   Papa Joe went on to win the lottery at the ripe old age of 88 years old, which is when he decided to tour the United States in a recreational vehicle…a dream he’d had since childhood.  Mama Moe accompanied Papa Joe to every major league baseball stadium in America.  The most notable action of these times were the recorded 855 hotdogs consumed by Papa Joe.  A feat few can claim…

You get the gist of my meaning by now, I’m sure.  I make light of the materials provided in the example only to show the slant of my intentions. This book should make people smile when they remember their loved one, or read about those they never had the opportunity to meet, but maybe wish they had.  Feel free to send the info or send me your questions  Thank you!!


 These photos and information will not be returned and in no way is this request made in an effort to obtain any documents that are not allowed for publication.  If you submit the information, you are essentially approving their use in a publication without any compensation.  A certain amount of proceeds will be given to a charitable entity, but that is to be determined solely by the author.  This coffee table book is the idea of the author and the author only.  Not to be duplicated in any manner.


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