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Happy September!!

Yes, while September means different things to different people, I think most of us are happy to see it arrive. To some people, it’s the last month of the government fiscal year, which means a ton of work to close the books. To others, it means relief from the brutal summer sun and the welcoming of colorful leaves and cooler temperatures.

And yeah, yeah…all that is good…But to me??  Bring on the FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the teams represented in my family:

Auburn Football Carolina Miami UNC football



Were they really cursed, or just plain awful?

I’m a football and baseball fan.  There are some other sports I like, but I REALLY like football and baseball.  Let me rephrase that….I really love college sports.  Since moving to Alabama ten years ago, I’ve become addicted to anything related to college sports.  It’s what they do here. There is no NFL, MBA, or NBA.  There’s Auburn, Alabama, and anyone who ventures in to play them.

My Parents live in North Carolina…the North Carolina Panthers acquired Cam Newton after he won the National Championship Football title in 2010 for Auburn University. So yes, we love us some Cam!!

(Photo from NY Daily News)

Imagine my angst when I heard Cam may be on the cover of the 2013 Madden football game?!!!??

NOOOOOOO, say it ain’t so!  Cam is in the middle of rebuilding the Carolina Panthers and we need him to stay there….and we need him to remain healthy!

The “Madden Curse” is defined as harmful to the player chosen to grace the cover of the Madden NFL game by EA Sports.  The player chosen should be honored (and I believe usually is), because they are chosen after a particular strong year, but then…WHAM! They say once the game is published, the athlete on the cover will have a “decline in performance, usually due to an injury”.

Starting with Madden NFL 12 fans got to vote for the cover athlete.  Just to be safe, I’m sure plenty are taking the opportunity to vote AGAINST their favorite!

(Photo from Wikipedia)

As I sat and contemplated the Madden Curse, I couldn’t help but think of other famous sports curses.  Curse of the Bambino anyone? It’s the one I always think of when I hear sports and curse in the same sentence.

Basically, the Curse of the Bambino resulted when the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth (known as the Bambino) after the 1918-1919 season to the Yankees….and then didn’t win a world series until 2004.  That’s 86 years for trading a player!  I know he’s Babe Ruth, but that’s kinda harsh don’t ya think?


The Curse of the Billy Goat is the only other curse that comes to mind…and I feel so bad for the Chicago Cubs over this one, that I’ll just let ya’ll read about it. I won’t dredge it out in the open for the poor fans.  🙂

What other “curses” are out there? Do you think there’s any substance to them, or do you think sports are riddled with injuries and losses anyway and talk of a curse is nonsense??

Were these teams really cursed, or is it an excuse for just being plain awful?




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