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Happy September!!

Yes, while September means different things to different people, I think most of us are happy to see it arrive. To some people, it’s the last month of the government fiscal year, which means a ton of work to close the books. To others, it means relief from the brutal summer sun and the welcoming of colorful leaves and cooler temperatures.

And yeah, yeah…all that is good…But to me??  Bring on the FOOTBALL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the teams represented in my family:

Auburn Football Carolina Miami UNC football



Well, it’s Sunday…

There are so many other things I should be doing right now…besides dreading the fact that I have to work tomorrow, that’s simultaneously happening…but, well it’s Sunday! And if we can’t laugh on Sundays, when can we?  And I don’t mean in church people. That’s terrible and you should be ashamed…those of you Catholic, it’s twenty hail Mary’s for you. Hail Mary?  I’m not catholic, but I am a football fan.  OH, it’s almost time for FOOTBALL SEASON!!  Bring it on! See my dilemma.  Who can name this movie – “SQUIRREL!”

Ok, focus…let the laughter begin, GO!                      


(and for those of you who didn’t recognize the symptoms, these are from PINTEREST)



Math genius already!


Math genius already!



And this is how the genius baby originated...


And this is also how the genius baby originated…



Minus the noises...


Minus the noises…




Gorgeous and considerate? Mr. Wahlberg, YOU DA MAN!


Gorgeous and considerate? Mr. Wahlberg, YOU DA MAN!




Please, just take my firstborn...or better yet, I'll give you all three kids??!!



Please, just take my firstborn…or better yet, I’ll give you all three kids??!!


Labor Day Weekend…

Labor Day Weekend means a lot of different things to different people….and may mean nothing to those of you outside the USA.  Here’s what it means to me:

1.  The last long weekend before the worst month at work. September is pure hell no matter how you look at it or what position you hold in my organization. It’s the end of our fiscal year and we’ve been known to work all hours and spend alot of money in this month.  It’s good and it’s bad. So, take the Friday off before Labor Day……you’re going to need that energy.

2.  The end of summer…….well, it’s just a symbol that the end is pretty much here.  All the kids have gone back to school, so summer’s gone anyway, but now it’s time to close the pool and cover up the grill.  Sniff…..sniff…

3.  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL????  Oh my, do we love our football?  Yes.  And now it starts.  This week and weekend is when college football begins and next weekend marks the beginning of the NFL season.  Yes, I’ve done my fantasy league draft and have my starters picked out.  Yes, I’ve read up on what’s going on with college teams.  LET’S GO!!!!!!!!!!

What does Labor Day mean to you?

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Happy Bloggin’ Ya’ll!!!


End of Day Thirteen…

What a difference a day makes…9 medals given out to Americans yesterday, 5 of them gold, and we have finally taken a solid lead in the medal count. 

We got four of those medals (2 gold, 2 silver) in the men’s decathlon and triple jump.  One of our girls got a gold in boxing (C. Shields), our  women’s soccer (football) team got the gold over Japan, we got a silver in the women’s marathon swimming event (H. Anderson), a bronze in men’s taekwondo (T. Jennings), and our men got the gold in water polo!

What an awesome Olympic day for the USA…congrats winners!

Happy Bloggin’ Ya’ll!!




Ok, here’s the deal people…

First of all, let me take back a statement I made the other day…I didn’t quite think it through…I will NOT rival Bob Costas in my updates over the Olympics.  I’d like to, but the time zone issue just isn’t going to allow me to do that. Here’s why.  I’ve got the NBC channel on all day.  Things have already occurred in London that I don’t want to know about just yet.  So far, I’ve seen some of the bike race, qualifying events in swimming, and some of the women’s soccer (football) match.  What I haven’t seen yet are the men’s gymnastics and medal races in swimming.  I believe they are happening right now in London, but doesn’t show on NBC until tonight.  DON’T TELL ME WHAT HAPPENS!  haha…I’ve already informed everyone here that I will be stuck to the TV tonight from 7-11 pm…so I refuse to watch ESPN or read the internet news.  Guess that’ll be my theme for the next couple of weeks and I don’t want to ruin it for all of you, so I won’t update until after it shows in the US.  And speaking of this issue, when is the Olympics going to come back to the US and help me out with my problem?  Where do I vote???  Olympics in Alabama??  THAT’S SO FUNNY!!  We don’t even have a major league team of any kind in this state.  One can hope though…

Going back to what has already shown today in the USA, I will say this…as most of you know, I don’t particularly enjoy watching soccer…ahem, football….but the USA is playing

Abby Wambach
(Photo Credit:

Columbia right now and one of the Columbian players has punched Abby (USA) in the eye, without penalty.  She’ll probably be penalized after the match when the committee reviews the tape, but emotions are high and I expect this one to creep into another Olympic event…….BOXING!!

I don’t condone violence or poor sportmanship in the Olympic Games, but they’re trying to take out one of the exceptional USA female players and I predict it isn’t going to work out in their favor….isn’t it sad though, that now I’m watching soccer expecting a fight? It’s like watching a NASCAR race for the wreck!


(Photo Credit:

Happy Opening Ceremonies!!

Yay…it’s finally here.  And yes, I’d normally say Friday, but this is no ordinary Friday, it is the Friday athletes have waiting four years for and London has probably been anticipating all that could go wrong today for a long time. D-day if you will.

But, let me go back to “football”, aka soccer.

Here are the results from the men’s games yesterday:

**Great Britain tied Senegal 1-1 (This is where I get my geography lessons…never heard of Senegal…and how do you end things in a tie??)

**Belarus beat New Zealand 1-0 (If I asked you to show me Belarus on a map right now, bet you couldn’t do it!)

**Brazil beat Egypt 3-2  (Did anyone have a clue Egypt played soccer? I’ve got to upgrade my thinking)

**Gabon tied with Switzerland 1-1 (Gabon?  Come on, seriously?  It sounds like the size of Cleveland)

**Uruguay beat United Arab Emirates 2-1  (Poor Emirates)
‘The schedule today includes women’s soccer and should be very exciting….if you ignore all the just running part…Japan plays Sweden, New Zealand plays Brazil, Canada plays South Africa, USA against Colombia (USA players, don’t accept any coffee or drugs before the game), and Great Britain against Cameroon.
But tonight…….and I’ve heard it’s supposed to rain in London…….tonight is the opening ceremonies.  Well, actually, it’s mid-day for us in the States….but I’m banking on it being replayed for us during primetime.  NBC?
Here is the model of the opening night ceremonies that was in the UK paper:

(photo credit:

I can’t really understand what it is telling us, but maybe if I watch the ceremonies it’ll all come together….

The plans for tomorrow you ask??  Well, I’d like to see the men’s qualifying rounds in gymnastics…and there are some men’s swimming races…and according to the London 2012 website, there will be medals given out tomorrow in cycling, fencing, judo, shooting, swimming, and weightlifting. 

So, here we go everyone….let the games begin…and GO USA!!!!

Were they really cursed, or just plain awful?

I’m a football and baseball fan.  There are some other sports I like, but I REALLY like football and baseball.  Let me rephrase that….I really love college sports.  Since moving to Alabama ten years ago, I’ve become addicted to anything related to college sports.  It’s what they do here. There is no NFL, MBA, or NBA.  There’s Auburn, Alabama, and anyone who ventures in to play them.

My Parents live in North Carolina…the North Carolina Panthers acquired Cam Newton after he won the National Championship Football title in 2010 for Auburn University. So yes, we love us some Cam!!

(Photo from NY Daily News)

Imagine my angst when I heard Cam may be on the cover of the 2013 Madden football game?!!!??

NOOOOOOO, say it ain’t so!  Cam is in the middle of rebuilding the Carolina Panthers and we need him to stay there….and we need him to remain healthy!

The “Madden Curse” is defined as harmful to the player chosen to grace the cover of the Madden NFL game by EA Sports.  The player chosen should be honored (and I believe usually is), because they are chosen after a particular strong year, but then…WHAM! They say once the game is published, the athlete on the cover will have a “decline in performance, usually due to an injury”.

Starting with Madden NFL 12 fans got to vote for the cover athlete.  Just to be safe, I’m sure plenty are taking the opportunity to vote AGAINST their favorite!

(Photo from Wikipedia)

As I sat and contemplated the Madden Curse, I couldn’t help but think of other famous sports curses.  Curse of the Bambino anyone? It’s the one I always think of when I hear sports and curse in the same sentence.

Basically, the Curse of the Bambino resulted when the Boston Red Sox sold Babe Ruth (known as the Bambino) after the 1918-1919 season to the Yankees….and then didn’t win a world series until 2004.  That’s 86 years for trading a player!  I know he’s Babe Ruth, but that’s kinda harsh don’t ya think?


The Curse of the Billy Goat is the only other curse that comes to mind…and I feel so bad for the Chicago Cubs over this one, that I’ll just let ya’ll read about it. I won’t dredge it out in the open for the poor fans.  🙂

What other “curses” are out there? Do you think there’s any substance to them, or do you think sports are riddled with injuries and losses anyway and talk of a curse is nonsense??

Were these teams really cursed, or is it an excuse for just being plain awful?




I miss the “wardrobe malfunction” days of the Super Bowl!!

Really?  The BEST we could do for the Super Bowl halftime show is…MADONNA?  Come on already, how long do we have to pay for the “wardrobe malfunction”??  That was in Super Bowl 38 for goodness sake!  We’re on Super Bowl 46 now…at least that’s what I think XLVI means.

BUT MAYBE THERE’S HOPE!!  According to my secret source (google), the Cirque de Soleil and Nicki Minaj are joining the Material Girl.  Maybe they can salvage what should be the best musical performance in 2012.  After all, it is supposed to be the best football game of the year and we all get to watch the much anticipated $4 million commercials, right?

Just to see why this pick has caused some frustration in the fan surveys, here are the performers for the last five years:

2011 – The Black Eyed Peas, Usher, and Slash

2010 – The Who

2009 – Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band

2008 – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers

2007 – Prince and the Florida A&M University Marching Band

See the pattern?  Except for 2011, when someone actually showed signs of a pulse while planning the huge event, the picks have been mediocre at best.  And it’s not that I don’t like Madonna, I do in that “flashback to high school” kinda way, but seriously…does anyone want to hear Like a Virgin one more time?

More good news.  Wikipedia has the song list to be performed during Super Bowl XLVI (random thought…but we don’t say who was the XLII-nd President), and thankfully, Like a Virgin is nowhere to be found.  That’s one Lucky Star for us, I guess…here it is:

Gimme All Your Luvin – Madonna and Nicki Minaj (Dear God, please, please, please don’t let them kiss)

Ray of Light – Madonna  (first released in 1998, ok this one doesn’t seem too bad)

Vogue – Madonna (released in 1990…I graduated high school in 1990 people and I’m 40!)

Music – Madonna  (released in 2000…whew, only 12 years old. Getting warmer…)

Holiday – Madonna (O. M. G.  Come on…that was 1983. Why don’t we throw in “Physical” by Olivia Newton-John? That was 1981!)

Well…thanks for stopping by Nicki. Glad you could help out with ONE song.  Try to behave.  And if you do, maybe they’ll ask you back in 25 years!

And this isn’t just Madonna bashing, this is a female fan of the Super Bowl who is frustrated with all the commercials geared towards men and the halftime show geared towards senior citizens.  That might be a bit harsh, but perception is reality in my world. And I know Madonna is still creating hits and people say her concerts are awesome, well….my Grandma says that anyway.

According to the Nielson ratings for the 2010 Super Bowl, (probably somewhere around XXXVXLIIII minus CTMVCFIIII), 106.5 million people were watching, 33.6% of those were women, and most of the entire viewing audience was between 19 and 49.  If you’re trying to please the masses let’s get some current musical action….pretty please!

And for those responsible for scheduling next year’s show…Cindy Lauper, Tears for Fears, the Beastie Boys, and Rick Springfield are all busy!



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