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Calling all Reviewers!!

Are you a reader who then promptly posts reviews? Would you like a free copy of a thriller suspense novel?? And if enjoyed, you raise your right hand and promise to leave a review on Goodreads (and/or Amazon if it’ll let you?)…

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Now, those willing, please email me at and provide your email address. I’ll promptly send you a PDF of the book. That’s it! Easy peasey, my friends.

Just cover
Oh, and Happy Bloggin’ Ya’ll.


Excuse me ma’am, there’s something wrong with your horse…

So there I am. Quietly sitting amongst the family and friends of the bride as we eagerly await her walk down the aisle.  As I reach for my camera, I notice the light blinking on my phone (yes, I remembered to turn off the ringer…yay me.  Wouldn’t want “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” to pace the bride’s walk to a sprint). Sooo I had to see what was on my phone…it could have been an emergency, right?  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

It was no emergency. It was an email from my Dad and by the time I got done reading the message, the bride was halfway down the aisle.  She looked absolutely breathtakingly gorgeous and all eyes were glued to her.  Besides the music, there were no other sounds, well except me trying to hold in the hysteria that hit when I saw the last line in the email.  I couldn’t help it…weddings make me giggle anyway. Thankfully, I also had tissues in my purse and used them to cover my face.  Now the whole congregation think I have a thing for the bride (yeah, I’m a girl…so?) and couldn’t get over my loss.  They all turned to look at me when it was time to object…LOL. 🙂

Anyway…here is the email in its entirety.  I hope you giggle as hard as I did, but feel free to let yours out:

Whether you own a dog or not, you must appreciate the efforts of this owner to sell her dog.

Look at the picture and then read the sales pitch below……


Dog For Sale ——Free to good home. Excellent guard dog.

Owner cannot afford to feed him anymore, as there are no more drug pushers, thieves, murderers, rapists or molesters left in the neighborhood for him to eat.

Most of them knew Jethro only by his Chinese Street name, Ho Lee Schitt.

See what I mean??  Funny Schitt, huh?  That Dad o’mine…he crax me up.

Turn the Lotto into something worth having…

Good Morning Everyone…it’s Monday morning and I didn’t win the Mega Millions Lottery.  I didn’t even play, so I’m not sure why I feel so depressed about it now. I guess I was hoping a relative would win. This way I had a really good chance of getting a million or two, nothing over the top, just enough to be able to retire and set up shop wherever I want to be that particular week. I think there should be a mandatory cap to the lottery anyway, just think…if the jackpot is $486 million, then there should be 400 winners. I would have said exactly 486 winners, but with taxes, the amount would disappear.  Each winner should receive somewhere around $1m.  Spread the wealth already! There isn’t a person in the world who should win a ton of money in the lottery. History shows it does not go well for the winner.

The USA Today had an interesting article on this topic…apparently, the chances of being a winner this weekend was 1 in 176 million.  Not very good. I can’t even get my number pulled from a hat when there are only 20 people involved. I like to think I’ve been lucky in so many other areas of my life, for me to win the lottery would just be unfair to everyone else.  And life shouldn’t be that unfair.

Here is the part of the article in USA Today that caught my eye:

“By Friday night, after it’d grown for more than nine weeks,  Americans had spent nearly $1.5 billion on Mega Millions tickets — the equivalent of nearly $5 for every man, woman and child in the USA.  They spent more than $429 million on Friday alone.”

So, let’s see…the deficit is huge and American’s like the lottery…maybe we should create one to get this Nation back on its feet.  All States would be required to participate, even Alabama! This lottery wouldn’t be for cash since the point is to reduce the deficit while “giving back” to Americans.  I would say this one would be for a lifetime tax pass.  I haven’t given this too much thought yet, but here are my immediate ideas:

1. Find a way to keep this electronic…no sense in wasting money on paper tickets

2. The winner would be completely tax free for life.  Your gross salary amount would be your take home pay and you wouldn’t dread April 15th anymore. This can’t be passed on in a will or transferred in any other capacity. This is for the winner and the winner only.

3. Just think of the money spent last week on the lottery.  In nine weeks Americans spent $1.5 billion…the US could do this for a year (maybe four times, once each quarter) and at least make an effort to reduce the national debt.

4. If the USA has a population of over 300 million, what harm would it do to have a handful or so people be tax free?

Think about it and let me know what you think….I’d pay five bucks for a chance to become tax free, wouldn’t you?

Happy Bloggin’….


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