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Dad Jokes…

And we can’t forget the classic…Dad, I’m thirsty. Hi, thirsty, I’m Friday, come over Saturday and we’ll have a Sunday. 🙂 

I love each and every Dad joke out there, but only because my Dad has said them all and more. Share your Dad Jokes…let’s start a support group. 

Watch the parody here. Great job kids!!
Happy Bloggin’ Ya’ll!!


Chick Flick Alert! “Pitch Perfect”

My daughter had me look at a movie trailer yesterday and I can’t believe I haven’t heard about this before!  The movie is called “Pitch Perfect” and won’t be released until October 5th………it’s not about baseball, as I originally thought, it’s about college kids and acapella singing groups………so mark your calendars and book a date night/ girls night out/ family adventure to check it out.

Here’s the trailer……..and I venture to say the British “fat Amy” just might steal the show!

Happy Bloggin’ Ya’ll!

March Madness!! Anyone got a pencil?

So, we’ve now established the winner in the NCAA basketball championship (don’t you love the way I say that like we all played a part in it). For those of you who do not follow sports, this tournament is the culmination of the Division I basketball season. It’s essentially the best of the best in college basketball.

Congratulations Kentucky! It’s been an odd tournament, to say the least. I’d like to also congratulate Kansas…what an awesome season for this college. I was really pulling for the underdog and with a final score of 67-59, Kansas got closer than some thought they could.

I don’t keep up with the regular season, but I do follow March Madness, and you should too. Why, you ask?? Because it’s exciting, devastating, unpredictable, and awesome. These kids are fighting to declare themselves NBA ready, working hard to carry their team to the finals, and since they haven’t been tainted by the fame and fortune of professional sports yet, they lack the unattractive “diva-ness” the NBA produces on a daily basis. There are dunks, three pointers, and Cinderella stories every year that define March Madness as a must watch series.

Last year around the middle of March, there were two people left who had picked perfect brackets. One was an elementary school kid whose teacher decided the entire class would complete brackets and learn a bit about statistics (read gambling) and the other was a man who never watched basketball. Ever. That is how March Madness goes…just unpredictable and the chances of you guessing the results correctly only increase if you aren’t a fan.

The fans put forth too much effort, if you ask me. They consider things like who’s on the disabled list, who won when this team matched up previously, who is on a hot streak, and who is not. QUIT CONTEMPLATING.  None of that matters in March Madness people. Obviously. By the completion of the first round, I had eleven wrong. And that wasn’t bad compared to the rest of my family. This year when we were halfway through, there wasn’t a single correct bracket left in the ESPN database.

Within the first two days of the tournament, two teams ranked 2nd in their specific regions fell to teams that were ranked 15th in that same division. What??? Seriously, who could have guessed that on their bracket? Duke fell to Lehigh and Missouri fell to Norfolk State. I don’t know about you, but I’d never even heard of Lehigh and didn’t know Norfolk State had a basketball team, but good for them! For those two schools, who barely even made it to the tournament, they had a day that will go down in the history books and those seniors will be telling this story so often their grandchildren will say No Grandpa, not the basketball story AGAIN! And they deserve the spotlight for a few minutes (or a few years), because what they accomplished was not only unheard of, it was normally impossible. In the history of the tournament, two teams ranked 15th have never beaten two teams ranked 2nd. And I suspect it won’t happen again anytime soon.

I realized after the first round of tournament that I should have completed my bracket in pencil. I’ll try to remember that for next year, but I didn’t give up on this current one after the eleven losses, and interestingly enough I almost got the final four correct anyway! Had UNC survived the elite eight, my final four would have been almost perfect. I already had Louisville and Kentucky, and was very close with UNC, but my mistake was not reading the news the day I filled out my bracket. I had Syracuse winning the whole thing…no one told me the center was down and out. Darn it. But Syracuse still made it very far into the tournament without their big man, kudos to them. Shows what an awesome program they’ve got up there in ol’ NY.

Next year will be very interesting since three of UNC’s starters are going pro, along with Doc’s kid, and along with some other key players, I’m sure.  Better to get recruiting coaches!!

Bracket or no bracket, March Madness is something everyone should watch. To see these kids leave it all out on the floor is truly inspiring and better than any other TV program available in the month of March. This goes for both tournaments, men and women. Have you heard of the Baylor coach for the women? You should look up her story if you get a moment…truly inspiring and proof that some of the coaches out there are worthy of the tremendous salary amount!

Now….what I can’t wait for……..and will blog about often……….is the OLYMPICS! BRING IT ON AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

Happin’ Bloggin’ peeps…


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