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Contest Time…

Ok, everyone…it’s contest time!! Who wants to name Book Two? I just can’t come up with it and my brain wants to work on that instead of writing the book ūüė¶ Please don’t get upset if I can’t use your proposed title, but let’s give it a shot. The person who names Book Two (if it’s not ME!) will receive a signed paperback of Book One and Book Two!! Now, here’s the part to consider…this new book is the continuation of the Elizabeth Burke Thriller Series. It’s set (mostly) in NYC. There are gangs, murder, undercover FBI, Lizzie (Junior in college) and her drama clubs friends, and of course, her family at All Tucked Inn…that’s all I should reveal at this point. Do we keep “All” as the first word in the title for continuity? What do you guys think? **By the way, if you’re shy and want to keep your suggestion private, please email me at 
On your mark….get set….goooooooooo!! Get those creative juices flowing! 

Happy Bloggin Ya’ll!


Tell your wife, tell your sister…How to make a better YOU!

I used to write for a newspaper.¬† Don’t be impressed, it was very casual and for a very small audience, but I had so much fun!¬†¬†As that¬†endeavor was coming to a close, the editor spoke with me about the possibility of taking some of my writing and creating a sort of “how to get through life” column.¬†¬†Unfortunately, at that point in my life I had plenty of ideas, but¬†not enough¬†quality time to dedicate.¬† Those who know me well know that I do not take any kind of job lightly. I have to be able to give it all that I’ve got, or¬†perhaps it’s not worth doing? Maybe that’s a little harsh…more like, I’ve got to be able to give it all I’ve got, or I might as well not try and then come up short?¬† I do hate to disappoint.

So…now I have this wonderful blog with terrific followers and drive-by readers!

I’ve decided that I’m going to do my LIFE blogs…I won’t overwhelm you with them though. I will spread them out to about one every couple of weeks so that I don’t sound like I’m preaching.¬† And believe you, me…I am honestly preaching as much to myself as I am to anyone else when I write these blogs.¬† No one is perfect and I need as many reminders as the average Jill in order to get, or perhaps stay, on the right path in the main avenues of life.¬† We are only human after all.¬† Some of us less than others, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog!

So, as¬†the ‘Jill of all trades, expert of none’, I will write about the following topics that will really just be full of personal¬†experiences and observations…together we can make a better (ME and) YOU:

  1. How to find out who YOU are
  2. How to rid your life of NEGATIVITY
  3. How to sift through the FRIENDS that are true…from the ones who are not
  4. How to get that CAREER you’ve been dreaming about
  5. How to get that EDUCATION you always wanted
  6. How to have and enjoy your FAMILY
  7. How to figure out LIFE (teenagers, too many decisions, too little time?)
  8. How to re-make your HOME into your favorite place to be
  9. How to work on your FINANCIAL situation
  10. How to get a better YOU

So just like that annoying song goes, although I still can’t figure out how this became a hit and the guy is now touring and writing his own songs (Whut?)…tell yo’ wife, tell yo’ sister…tell everyone you know so that when we start publishing the “YOU” series, we can all talk about it, compare notes, and learn from each other!¬† I will attempt to have the first one out in a week…happy bloggin’ everyone!!

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