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It sickens me…

I just don’t understand the notion that anyone’s God would condone, let alone encourage, murder of innocent people. How does a person get to the point they would even think this way?

Hate, and all things relatable, is nothing more than a waste of energy, time, and innocent lives.

It unfortunately, as witnessed yesterday, deprives the world of potentials. Potential families, children, doctors, lawmakers, Nobel peace prize winners, world leaders… so many lost potentials.

It sickens me.

Who really knows the extent of what this world has lost over the years at the hands of terrorists? Yesterday’s attack on Paris may have quieted the very brain that was on the brink of discovering a cure for cancer. Or the heart that was the future love of your child’s life. Or the hands who were meant to gently hold your parents or grandparents as they transition on to Heaven.

And this one horrifically tragic day, among many in the last fourteen years and beyond, is for what reason?

There really is no real reason. None that are logical, reasonable, or even understandable.

And that also sickens me.

(original source unknown)

Many, many prayers for Paris.

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